Advanced Nutrients - Starter Kit - w/ seven key nutrients

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New to Advanced Nutrients and are an at-home hobbyist? The Official Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit is made just for you! It comes with seven key nutrients from 1L bottles of pH Perfect Sensi Grow A/B and Bloom A/B each and 500ml bottles of Voodoo Juice, B-52, Bud Candy, Big Bud.

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Name Advanced Nutrients - Starter Kit - w/ seven key nutrients
Brand Advanced Nutrients
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Advanced Nutrients Launches First Ever Starter Kit to Make 20 Years of Innovation Accessible to Everyone

The Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit features a full fleet of award-winning nutrients that assist in unlocking the true genetic potential of the _______ plant.

This curated collection of award winning nutrients is revolutionizing the homegrown _______ space, affording new cultivators access to best-in-class products with a proven track record of success.

The Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit features a curated collection of the company’s most essential products, making it more convenient than ever for the beginner grower or at-home hobbyist to succeed in achieving a bountiful harvest.

The Official Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit contains the following nutrients and some swag items to get the garden going:

  • 1L bottles:
    • pH Perfect Sensi Grow A/B and Bloom A/B
  • 500ml's of the following additives:
    • Voodoo Juice
    • B-52
    • Bud Candy
    • Big Bud



pH Perfect® Sensi Grow Part A&B

Advanced Nutrients’ two-part pH Perfect® Sensi Grow base nutrients prime plants for a profitable bloom phase. Each formula comes complete with the company’s proprietary pH Perfect® Technology, which works around the clock to keep pH levels in their sweet spot.

pH Perfect® Sensi Bloom Part A&B

This two-part base nutrient system provides plants with comprehensive nutrition for promoting a bountiful bloom cycle. Growers can also depend on the same pH Perfect® Technology featured in Sensi Grow for a streamlined and seamless flowering phase.


Voodoo Juice

Growers rely on Voodoo Juice to feed their root zones with select strains of bacteria, specially chosen to promote holistic vegetation. Not only does a stronger root zone directly impact the grow cycle: the bacteria in this root mass expander also produces natural biostimulants that directly benefit the bloom phase.


Bud Candy

Achieve sweeter buds with Bud Candy, the industry’s leading horticultural carbohydrates formula. Advanced Nutrients’ scientists identified the exact carbohydrates necessary to support a fruitful harvest, and added the crucial plant nutrient magnesium to bolster the formula’s effectiveness.


Big Bud®

Big Bud is a technically advanced bloom phase supplement engineered to make growers happy at harvest time. It provides forms of the nutrients and L-amino acids that plants require during bloom phase. A longtime favorite of cannabis cup winners, Big Bud features premium ratios of phosphorus and potassium that are crucial for bloom phase growth and photosynthesis.


Overdrive is a late-season bloom booster engineered for the last quarter of bloom phase. This popular Advanced Nutrients additive is carefully crafted to help plants as they approach the end of the life cycle. When other growers’ plants are slowing down, a bloom phase that includes Overdrive will be packing on weight.

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