Agrolux DE 1000W Complete System 208/240/277 V - Optimal Deep Reflector

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    Deep Coverage optimized Complete commercial Double Ended fixture. 208/240/277V. 10Ft cord included with pigtail wire end for direct wiring or cord plug preference. Choice of BLV (Ushio) or Master Green Power Philips Lamps.
    Agrolux 1000 Watt DE system provides flexibility in coverage for deep coverage. Phllips Lighting has extensively tested the Agrolux 1000W on efficiency, yield, thermal regulation, and bulb voltage, to bring a new improved concept to double ended fixtures. Phillips conducts extensive lighting test to determine if the Agrolux ALF1000 units were a suitable match with their patented DE lamp design for commercial greenhouses, and indoor grow facilities. The most compact design with balanced weight above for stability when hanging.

    The Agrolux 1000W DE housing is made of powder coated white aluminum.The unit is designed with big cooling fins' surface and a heat shield which stays cooler than other DE units on the market Do not let your decision be based on the position of the electronics but on the information we as a company can provide.

    Choice of 1000W DE Lamps

    BLV Horturion (Ushio European Name) DE EL 2.2
    Truly professional grade lamp designed for an efficient growth lighting in professional greenhouses. The spectral distribution is optimized for photosynthesis efficiency. High red light ratio and blue output for healthy plant growth and robustness. Superior μmol/s output within the PAR spectral range (Photosynthesis Active Radiation). The BLV Horturion is economic (long average life, high μmol output, low energy consumption) and easy to change.

    Philips Master GreenPower Plus EL
    High-quality, high-pressure sodium lamps with technology that features a sintered aluminum oxide discharge tube with integrated antenna, enclosed in a vacuum hard-glass outer bulb. The discharge tube is filled with sodium amalgam and xenon. Extra-high pressure in the discharge tube. The most efficient lamp with the highest growth light per watt (PAR). Increased pressure increases luminous efficacy to close to 150 lumens/W. Excellent lumen maintenance over lifetime.

    More Light, Less Energy

    Agrolux reflectors cover and area of 6 foot square. Simple reflector design means less light loss.Agrolux's Intelligent ballast on constantly takes measurements on the status of voltage, bulb and ballast. If something is not quite right, the LED status indicator notifies you right away with one of 7 unique codes. Maintains 95-98% par maintenance at 10,000 hours of use.

    Agrolux 1000W Double Ended Deep Reflector System Includes

    • Philips electronics
    • German pebbled aluminuma semi-open reflector (from Germany) with heat shield
    • Choice of (Ushio) BLV Horturion or Master Green Power Philips double-ended 1000watt HPS lamp with 2 year warranty
    • Pre-switched ballast. Includes with a voltage protector removing problems of over voltage or voltage fluctuation for constant voltage output
    • Agrolux uses their own EVSAs or Philips-drivers
    • Test Certifications include UL, EN 60598-1:2004, EN 61347-1:2008, EN61347-2-9:2001+A1:2003+A2,2006
    • Semi open reflector developed sourced, and produced in Germany ensures cool operation for lamp and electronics
    • lamp temperature will not exceed 500F (550F or more damages lamp)
    • Heat shield is fitted on the reflector for easy removal and cleaning
    • AUVL and Philips brands
    • AUVL/Philips-bulb improves every year; currently the warranty value is 2100umol at 100 hours.
    • The bulbs have a warranty of 2 years with a maximum of 10 ,000 burning hours
    • The 1000w-bulb of AUVL and Philips is interchangeable
    • Wieland-plug systems Dust- and waterproof plug-and-play system, ensures faster and safer installation.
    • 208 voltage, 240 voltage, 277 voltage
    • Weighs less then 10 lbs
    • 3.7 - 5.3 amps
    • Lamp Output : 2100 uMol/m2/S
    • 10ft UL Power cord with pigtail 3 wire end
    • 18" L x 9.25" W x 10.23"
    More Information
    NameAgrolux DE 1000W Complete System 208/240/277 V - Optimal Deep Reflector
    Alternate SKU/MPN101205
    Warranty2 Year
    Dimensions18" L x 9.25" W x 10.68" H
    Lumens2100 μMol/m2/S
    Amps3.7 - 5.3 amps
    CSA CertifiedYes
    UL ListedYes
    FREE ShippingNo