Best 1000w Double Ended (DE) Bulb & Lamp Comparison Review & Test Including: Philips, Gavita, Ushio, Hortilux, and More.

best 1000w DE lamp test


Hey everyone, Nate from Growers House here, and today we are doing the next comparison which is our 'Best double-ended 1000 watt HPS test.' We're doing that today because Hortilux just came to market with their new Hortilux DE HPS 1000 Watt and we really wanted to see how it stacks up against the big players in the industry. So, we brought out eight different DE HPS 1000 watt bulbs, the most popular ones in the industry, and we're gonna see how they do against each other. So let's check out your intensity spectrum and run some analysis on them. Let's jump into it!


Spectra of the best 1000w de lamps

Okay, so here the test results for the best 1000w DE lamp test. Looking at the spectra of these different light bulbs you'll notice that they all overlap each other extremely well. The only time you can actually notice that there's any difference in the spectra of these grow lamps is the minor differences in intensity between them at different wavelengths. Since all HPS lamps have a very similar chemical makeup (sodium and other trace elements), we expect them to be at least somewhat similar, so no surprise here.


PAR charts over 3' x 3' of best 1000w de lamps

Now you can see you know how we did our testing. We essentially put each grow lamp above our 3 ft x 3 ft footprint, and we went out to3 ft x 3 ft just because we wanted enough points to get a statistically significant reading of the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) that the light bulbs are giving off. PAR is effectively the intensity between 400 to 700 nanometer light wavelengths, which is the range of the wavelength that plants use best to photosynthesize. So in taking the sum of the intensities and all these points within a three by three area we were able to glean quite a bit of statistical data.


bar graphs of light intensity of 1000w DE lamps

So let me pull it up right now, so here's a chart that shows off you know, what we think is probably the best number to focus on to figure out what lamp really did best in this test which is the 'Sum of all PAR over 3' x 3' Footprint', which means taking every point that we measured and adding them together. The 1000w DE lamp that performed best in testing was the light that turned out to give us the most amount of light using the same ballast and reflector was the Philips Green Power 1000 watt DE HPS.

Our hypothesis was that the Philips 1000w DE lamp would probably do best because we've heard from other lighting manufacturers who have done similar testing using equipment that's far superior to ours--such as goniophotometers--saying that the  Phillips DE, with some of its patented ignition technology, is producing the best 1000w DE lamp out there. 


statistics of the best 1000w de lamps

So we recorded the total par of 18,852 and we some of them up, but that said there are four lights that we felt performed very well. The Philips Green Master Power 1000 watt DE HPS being number one and then it looks like the Gavita Pro Plus 1000w DE HPS Lamp and the Ushio DE Enhanced Performance Pro-Plus HPS 1000w Lamp, and then the Genesis. All four of those 1000w DE lamps are actually within about 1.5 percent of each other. We're not talking about drastic differences--I would consider all those bulbs very good. If you want the best bulb out there, it's the Phillips 1000w.



Jumping into the lights that we're not in the top four, one of the one of the ones that we were hoping was going to be up there Hortilux 1000w DE lamp. It didn't quite make it with their first DE iteration. Looking into maybe what the most bang for your buck, you may want to go with the Nanolux MaxPar DE HPS 1000W Lamp. It did pretty well coming in just behind those first four, and at a cost of about two-thirds the price most the lamps on here.

Another interesting note is the difference between the best lamp and the worst lamp was about 7.4%. I would say that's definitely going to have a meaningful difference in your crop yield, especially if you're a commercial grower. In our final thoughts, it seems the differences in lamp quality is not just marketing hype. There are true differences in 1000w DE lamp performance. Think about your priorities when shopping around overall output vs budget, but if you're growing high value crops, it seems the Philips 1000w DE is going to give you the most output of your buds and flowers. Happy growing everyone. 


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