Best Inexpensive Plant House Grow Tents Review and Unboxing

Hey everyone! Nate with Growers House here.

I know many of you who have had an entry-level grow tent may have had issues with ripped seems, broken corners, light leaks, broken zippers, and things like that. And I know many of you have had those issues because our returns department, here at Growers House, is always complaining about these features breaking on cheap grow tents. So we developed the Plant House Grow Tent.

Why not make our own inexpensive grow tent and build upon the features that are lacking on a lot of the cheap grow tents on the market?

I want to show you a few features that make it the best value grow tent, with the highest-quality features that you need to get your new grow room or grow tent started. The Plant House 2 x 2 grow tent is 67” tall, while all the other grow tents from 3 x 3 and larger are 73” tall. If you have a 2 x 2 home grow tent, you can assemble it by yourself. If you have 3 x 3 grow tent or larger I'd recommend grabbing a friend to assist. There's no reason why you can’t have this grow room tent up and ready to go in less than 10 minutes.

All the Plant House Grow Tents include removable water-resistant floors, 4 straps for fans, ducting, and filters, an assembly manual, and an easy carrying bag. I recommend putting the carry bag on top of the roof of the grow tent. I've done this in the past and it helps to make sure that I can always find it if I do have to take the tent down and move it somewhere else.

It's important to remember, and I want to show you guys in the video, to make sure to put the small-head cross member up before you put the tall-head cross member. This makes sure that your cross members can really help support the weight of whatever lighting you're going to have inside of your grow tent. And there we go. Now this grow tent is supported by these two here, so you can pull down on it with a lot of weight, which is great if you have any heavy lighting in this grow tent.

In this 4 x 4 Plant House Grow Tent we have a few air vents. We have (counting) 1-2-3-4-5 & 6 of the 8” vents, and then (counting) 1-2 of the 4” vents. This allows for a lot of ventilation that you can hook up. Of course, any of them can be cinched tight.

On the bottom, we have these velcro mesh screens. These can allow for a little bit of extra airflow in your grow tent if you'd like. And, they just simply roll off.

On the side there's two windows that can be unzipped. The Plant House Grow Tents that are 4 x 4 and larger have these. They give you easy access to your garden.

These Plant House Tents are most comparable to the Secret Jardin grow tents. But we believe our Plant House Grow Tents have multiple features that make them better.

There are no plastic corners to break in these inexpensive grow tents. The frame is 100% metal, so there is a heavier ceiling capacity than most other grow tents in its price range.

All the ports in the Plant House Grow Tents actually come with two sheaths so you can cinch it up not once, but twice. This helps keep the environment from outside the grow tent and inside the grow tent separate from each other-- keeping the light and odors where they should be.

Each Plant House Grow Tent comes with a removable, waterproof floor, to help keep the messes that you will most likely create in your tent garden, in your garden. Plus, it's easy to clean off with a quick rinse of a hose.

In here you can see the double layer fabric that we have behind the zipper. It keeps light leaks from happening. The fabric that we use for the Plant House Grow Tents is actually a 600D thick fabric. So you might be familiar with the Secret Jardin home grow tents which are 210D and then ours a 600D, and for perspective a Gorilla Grow home grow tent is 1680D.

I also wanted to show you our mylar which is 98% reflectivity; and the mylar film is designed to be highly resistant to extreme temperatures and chemicals; and our pebbled finish of the mylar disperses light rays evenly over the grow space, preventing hot spots no matter what your light source is- CMH, HPS, metal halide, plasma, etc.

So that's the Plant House Grow Tent. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Honestly we're putting this inexpensive grow room tent out with the Growers House Guarantee, so if you try it out and you don't like it just give us a call we'll get you taken care of, other than that happy growing!

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