Best Nutrients, Rooting Hormones, and Cloning Machines for Aeroponic Cloning of Plants

Best Nutrients, Rooting Hormones, and Cloning Machines for Aeroponic Cloning of Plants

Best Products for Aeroponic Cloning of Plants

For those who are new to plant cloning or are just starting on their cultivation journey, the concept of cloning can seem like an intimidating process to learn and can sometimes be scary and difficult. But it really isn’t, and it shouldn’t be.

There’s two ways of propagating plants. There’s sexual reproduction or pollination, a process that involves crossing the male plant (or parts of) with a female in order to create seeds, which can then be planted to create genetic hybrids of the parent plant(s).

The second method, cloning, also known as asexual reproduction, is where the rooted cutting from the parent plant is cultivated and allowed to grow, staying genetically identical to the plant it was taken from.

This ability to help propagators create a new harvest with exact replicas of their best-performing plants has contributed to cloning gaining popularity among both commercial and home growers. That's understandable since this method can help you select and replicate desirable features of your best plants, including yield, grow time, flavor, and hardiness among others.

Now, What Is Aeroponic Cloning?

Aeroponic cloning essentially means growing your plants by suspending their roots in the air and nourishing them with nothing more than nutrient-laden mist. Derived from the Greek words aer meaning air and ponos meaning labor, the concept of aeroponics in the world of cultivation is an offshoot of hydroponic systems where the roots are held in a soilless growing medium, such as coco coir, over which nutrient-laden water is regularly pumped.

Doing away with the growing medium and leaving the roots to dangle in the air, aeroponic systems are designed to allow seeds to be “planted” in foam pieces that are exposed to light on one end and nutrient mist on the other. Both the stem and root mass are held in place by the foam as the plants grow.



Now, given the ability to control all the parameters and variables to create an ideal growing environment for your plant, you are able to exceed conventional standards and produce superior results. Add to that the fact that by growing indoors, you are able to closely monitor and adjust your plants, seedlings, and clones to ensure that they are getting optimal conditions, suitable for every stage in their development.

And just like any other product or service on the market, many companies will almost always pop up and claim to have the “next big thing” in cloning devices, gadgets, and machines. It’s therefore important that, regardless of whether you’re a new or an expert cultivator, you’re educated enough to make well-informed decisions when it comes to making purchases for your cultivation/production project.

To that end, we’ve rounded up the best of the best in devices and machines and other relevant tools in this list that you should definitely check out for your cultivation mission:

3 Best Cloning Machines

TurboKlone T24 Plant Cloning and Propagation SystemTurboKlone T24 Plant Cloning and Propagation System

1. TurboKlone T24 Plant Cloning and Propagation System

  • Streamlined cloner that offers more clone sites in the same dimensional footprint as other cloning systems in the market
  • Built with an innovative fan system that mixes with water in a fine spray to provide your roots with high dissolved oxygen while reducing heat from the pump
  • Packed with sturdy, durable polyethylene collars with finger recesses for easy removal Designed with rounded edges for easy and quick cleaning and for added strength and resilience from internal and external forces
EZ-Clone Low Pro 16 Cutting SystemEZ-Clone Low Pro 16 Cutting System

2. EZ-Clone Low Pro 16 Cutting System

  • Manufactured from durable UV protected HDPE plastic
    Reduced overall height for increased structural integrity of the proprietary lid and reservoir
  • Designed with four-way finger slots lid for improved cloning collar extraction and with alphanumeric labels to allow simple identification of multiple strains
  • Leakproof-designed reservoir with its increased lip height and extended flange and drainage gutters
Botanicare Power Cloner 45Botanicare Power Cloner 45

3. Botanicare Power Cloner 45

  • Built with high output pump and microjet sprayers that deliver a highly oxygenated spray of water and rooting hormones to the stem of the cutting.
  • Comes with transparent humidity dome to keep the humidity high for the optimal environment for new cuttings
  • Designed with flexible neoprene collar that holds the plant cutting in the cloner while suspending the cutting stem in the nutrient reservoir
  • Maximized surface area available for root initiation and growth and optimized the absorption of atmospheric oxygen, dissolved oxygen, and rooting hormones

3 Best Cloning Collars

Video Credit: Canna Cribs (Produced by Growers Network)


1. PermaClone Cloning Collars

  • Compatible with TurboKlone, Oxyclone, Clone King
  • The only cloning collar that’s 100% heat or chemical sterilizable
  • Food grade quality, third party tested to ensure U.S. and E.U. compliance
  • Nano-technology allows microwave sterilization in minutes
  • Designed in unique shape that ensures maximum efficiency, fail-proof Dunk-based sterilization
  • Surface chemistry resists root growth into the collar
  • Proprietarily distributed by Permaclone
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty!

TurboKlone Elite Stem CollarsTurboKlone Elite Stem Collars

2. EZ-Clone Neoprene Replacement Inserts

  • Neoprene collars custom designed for use with EZ Clone cloning systems.
  • Manufactured from sterile, soft materials that ensures your cuttings are held and protected without damaging any of their delicate tissues
  • Center-to-side slit facilitates easy insertion and extraction of cuttings

3 Best Cloning Solutions

HDI Clonex Clone SolutionHDI Clonex Clone Solution

1. HDI Clonex Clone Solution

  • Specifically formulated to provide rooted clones and seedlings with a special blend of the highest-quality minerals and other essential elements for vigorous growth
  • Contains vitamin B1 that helps reduce transplant shock
  • Used with Clonex® Rooting Gel Compound or other rooting agent, it encourages rapid root development while helping to minimize stress
  • Packed with specific micro- nutrients and root-enhancing agents, carefully formulated to initiate and nourish new root cells

Elite 91 Roots - Root and Plant EnhancerElite 91 Roots - Root and Plant Enhancer

2. Elite 91 Roots - Root and Plant Enhancer

  • Boosts your plant’s natural health and growth hormones in a single bottle
  • Root and plant growth enhancer that uses beneficial bacteria, fungi, vitamins, and more to boost natural plant vigor
  • Proprietary liquid formulation containing high-quality ingredients that boast high concentrations of multiple beneficial bacteria, fungi, vitamins, plant-derived minerals, protein hydrolysates, polysaccharides, organic chelates, and activators
  • Formulated with plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR), a group of free-living bacteria that colonize the roots of plants and construct a protective biofilm around the roots (also known as the rhizosphere)

Roots Excelurator - Silver for HydroRoots Excelurator - Silver for Hydro

3. Roots Excelurator - Silver for Hydro

  • Runs clean in all types of hydroponic, drain to waste, DWC, aeroponic or oxygenation system
  • Powerful microbe-rich formula with minerals, natural acids, and vitamins without the thick compounds in Roots Gold, making it safe for water-based systems
  • Works by forming a membrane around the roots protecting them from harmful bacteria and fungus, providing the perfect conditions for explosive root growth
  • Specially formulated to cure existing root rot.
    Ideal for use during the vegetative and early flowering stages

Clearly, aeroponic cloning has come a long way since the crude “bubble cloners” of a few decades ago where many growers made use of coffee cans and had cloning gardens in their basements.

But the principle behind these cloning techniques has remained the same, where nutrient solutions were sprayed or applied on suspended cuttings, keeping them moist and controlling the other factors including light, temperature, etc., as much as you possibly can until shiny white roots start to appear.

Together with other cultivation enthusiasts, growers, doctors and scientists, and just about anybody whose interests were piqued with the hydroponic phenomenon, GrowersHouse stood witness to the evolution of hydroponic propagation, hydroponic businesses, and everything else hydroponic related.

Today, a great number of organizations, companies, and businesses are continuously popping here and there with an extensive variety of “plug and play” aero cloners, cloning solutions, root enhancers, and other relevant cloning tools and devices.

And while much of the hydroponic world has yet to be tapped and delved into and we’re just experiencing the advent of the hydroponic propagating business and industry, whether you’re looking to start a mini hydroponic garden in your basement or sell DIY cloners or offer hydroponic-sitting services, it’s best to be well educated about hydroponics for you to fully enjoy the great wonders it actually brings.

To close, whether you’ve been inspired by the content above or are looking to jump-start a small hydroponic-related business, head on over to our site at GrowersHouse and find unlimited resources that will surely give you a better understanding of the wonderful world of hydroponics.