California Light Works Solar Storm 800W LED Grow Light Video Review

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Video Transcript:
"Hey everyone this is Nate from Growers House and today we just got in our first [California Light Works] Solar Storm 800W LED. Now this guy is big. I mean 23 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 5 inches deep. This is the unit that actually has the built-in veg and bloom back-and-forth switch and the UVB on-and-off. Now here are the UVB lights, and the UVB is actually known in plants that can produce a waxy or resinous covering to shield themselves from this very intense spectrum. You have to be careful using this spectrum, just like the suns powerful rays if you leave it on too long your plants will burn just like when we get a tan from very powerful sun. Without further ado let's plug this guy in and see what it's like.

So now we have it plugged in and as you can see I can switch it back-and-forth between veg and bloom and the UVB lights on and off. I'll pick it up now in the veg state with the UVB off. I'm sorry that's pretty bright for the camera man. So here's the veg, and if I want to switch it over to the bloom I just do that there. Now this spectrum is more optimized with deep red, reds, and warm whites. Now if I want to turn the UVB on I just flick this switch here and now those lights will go on. They designed this light to have four distinct areas spread out for a more uniform spread. What they say is if you use this correctly in the right size growing environment, which they recommend to be a 4 x 4 to 5 x 5--although with a light mover you can probably cover a 4 x 8 area--you can end up using about 50% of the power of a comparable light output HID light. This has 160 5 watt LEDs and it has two axial fans that cool these lights over heat sinks. I'm putting my hand against it here and the heat is minimal--I barely feel anything. With all the lights on this only draws about 5.5 amps. They have this light with a 2 year warranty and 80,000 hour expected life. Why don't we bring it into a tent, turn it on and see how the plants like it.

Okay, we brought the Solar Storm out to our HydroHut 3 x 3. It's a little large for this size tent, but we're going to turn it on anyway to show it off over our basil and mint leaves. I'll go ahead and plug it in right now under the veg cycle. That lights up the tent quite nicely. I'd probably use this in a 5 x 5 tent or with a light rail you can cover more of a 4 x 8. As you can see we have the UVB on. You can see it here on the side. I can turn it off for a second so you can see it going on and off. Right now the veg lights are also on so I'll move those from veg to flower. There's the flower. Now you can see the different spectrums going back and forth. There we are, that's the Solar Storm. We had it running earlier and it has been running pretty well. Hasn't been getting too hot either. It's a really solid unit. We're happy with this one. Nate from Growers House signing off."