Humidity Control Pack Comparison Test Boveda VS Integra Boost Review

Integra boost vs boveda: testing the best humidity packs for plants, flowers, and buds

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Hey everyone, Nate from Growers House here and today we are going over two products:

People are wondering “which one should I use? What are the benefits, what are the drawbacks? How are they different?” So we decided we’d grab the Boveda humidity pack and Integra humidity pack and do some of our own testing to let you know the results of our humidity pack review.

Boveda & Integra Humidity Packs Overview

So if you guys are not familiar with humidity packs, they are known as are two-way humidity stabilizers. You put these in any closed environment and if the humidity is too high, say 70%, or if it's too low, say 50%, then the 62% pack will decrease or increase the relative humidity of your plant matter till it stabilizes at 62%.

So it has the ability to both raise and lower relative humidity in the environment--the closed environment that you put it in, that is, assuming it's in a relatively small space with the amount of plant matter for the humidity pack to regulate. 

Onto a bit of product description, the Boveda 62% pack is a little packet with liquid in it. The Integra pack on the other hand feels like it has more of a gel in it. The Integra is a little larger at 67g vs 60g for the Boveda.

The Integra Boost pack comes with a little indicator card, which is unique and new. The Integra indicator card is a red dot right now, and what you do is you put this in with the Integra Boost pack and you're able to see if the humidity is staying consistent with what you want even if you don't have the humidistat. The Integra red dot turns blue when it's time to change the pack out. For the Boveda pack, it turns from liquid to solid when it's run its course.

Primarily people use these humidity packs for plant material and buds. As you can see here, I actually have both the Boveda humidity control pack on this side and this is the Integra Boost humidity control pack on the other side from Desiccare.


Boveda vs integra testing methodology

For our test we're going to put an equal amount of plant material in each jar--one with the Boveda and one with the Integra. From there we're going to add a humidistat (that measures relative humidity) to see how it changes over the week. 

What I've been doing for over the last week is put some plant material in each jar and monitor what happened to the relative humidity daily. Initially what happened was the relative humidity spiked right when the plant material went into the jars, and then each jar slowly brought the humidity down. 

Boveda vs. Integra Comparison Test Results

The first day the relative humidity for both the Boveda and Integra Boost was hovering around 80% and then it slowly dropped down. It took about 2 to 3 days for the Boveda pack to get the relative humidity to 62% and it took the Integra Boost pack about one day longer. 

After 3-4 days, both packs were hovering within 1% of 62% relative humidity. I would say that both of these are very accurate at keeping the relative humidity at their designed percentages. And just as an FYI, I put 300 grams of plant material in each and weighed it out just to make sure that everything is on an even playground as far as comparing them against each other.

Differences Between Boveda vs. Integra Packs

Some customers have asked about the differences between these two humidity control packs. I've used Boveda packs in the past. I just started using the Integra packs, so it's still pretty new as it's a new product on the market. I really like the Boveda packs. I've always thought they were a great product. What Integra claims is that their unit takes a little bit longer to get to the relative humidity, but they say that their Integra packs lasts slightly longer than the Boveda packs. Now I want to test that and see if it's true but that is going to take them a long time. 

So what I’m doing with these two humidity packs is letting them keep going I’m going to burp them a few times over the next couple months, I bet you it will take me a couple months to figure it out, but as soon as I have the details on that I'll post them as a link at the bottom under the description of this video, or on the website.

Other than that, I think one benefit Integra Boost said they have over the Boveda is that some people don't like the taste or smell that the plants or plant material have after using the Boveda packs for a long time. They said it takes the smell away from the plant. I started using the Integra, I kind of understand what people are saying when they say this, but I don't think it is that big of a noticeable difference. I think some people may be a little more attuned to this. 

With the Integra packs, I've only been using them for about 3 weeks. I didn't notice any difference in smell of the plant material. So that could be a benefit for the Integra Boost humidity packs. These two packs cost pretty similar to each other, although the Integra packs are coming in at a lower price at the moment. It's about 20% cheaper to go with the Integra packs over the Boveda packs. So they are relatively close in price but I guess if you are buying these in bulk, commercial or large quantities you could see quite a bit of difference in the Integra packs over the Boveda packs.

I think one of the last things that people have been asking us lately is what humidity should I buy for my plants that I’m curing. A lot of people are saying that 62% is the right humidity but now a lot of people are saying 55% is actually a better humidity for curing your plants. I'm not actually sure which one is better but I would recommend staying in that range. These companies do make other humidity levels from 84% to 50%, somewhere in that range. But stay in that 62% to 55% humidity packs and you should be fine.

Other than that, just always make sure to always have any plant material you store in a cool, dark place. When it gets too hot you run into issues with decarboxylation which just means that your plants essential oils get prematurely activated and you don't want that to happen. 

These are two cool products. I'm really glad these came out they make life so much easier. So if you are looking to buy either the Boveda packs or the Integra packs in the 62% or the 55% relative humidity packs. You can get them at we have bulk discounts, you know all the good stuff, price beat guarantee. If there are any information or questions you have please call or email us at Happy Growing.