Kessil H150 & H350 LED Plant Grow Light Review - Purple, Magenta, Red, & Blue Spectrums

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Video Transcript:

"Hey everyone this is Nate with Growers House and today we're going to show off some of our favorite LEDs, the Kessil units. Kessil makes LED units for aquariums and for growing purposes of plants. Today we're going to show off specifically the ones they make for plant growth.

The first one I'm going to show off here is Kessil's original unit, the H150. Now this unit [LED board] is made up of a dense matrix array that has multiple LEDs to make combined total of 36 actual watts of power consumption. This unit I'm showing you here is in the purple spectrum; and they make this unit in a blue, red, purple, and magenta.

The blue spectrum is primarily made to be used as supplemental lighting in the vegetative phase to your main light, whether that be another LED or a Metal Halide (MH) light or a T5. The red spectrum is made for supplemental lighting for your flowering phase, whether you're using High Pressure Sodium (HPS) as your main light or any other form of red lighting. The purple spectrum unit is actually a mixture so that it's primarily for your vegetative phase, and the magenta spectrum is a mixture, but primarily for your flowering phase.

Now moving over to the H350, this is Kessil's new unit. This is 2.5 times as intense as the H150 unit. The H350 consumes 90 watts of power. The H350 also has a dense matrix array, and also has the same beam angle of the H150, which is 60 degrees. [H350 only comes in two spectrums: H350 Purple & H350 Magenta]

Both the H150 and H350--you can't see the array through the screen--but inside there are essentially a bunch of tiny LEDs on a very small panel that make up the lighting source for these units. Like I said earlier, they both have the same beam angle, so if you hold these lights at one foot above the ground they would have the same footprint, but the H350 would be 2.5X as intense as the H150.

What I want to do now is plug these both in, and I want to show you what they look like when they turn on, what they sound like, and the different color spectrums. Here we go, we're going to start off with the H150. I'll put it down here so it doesn't blind anyone because these guys are bright.

If I hold it up here and be quiet for a second you will barely hear the fan inside going, just cooling the light. Now if I hold it up here, you might be able to see the color that it's emitting a little bit better. They say the H150 at 12" to 18" above your grow space will have about a 2' diameter footprint. I'm now going to compare this light to the H350.

Just so you know these units do come with a long cord so you can hang this from easily a 10' ceiling or higher. The H150 only weighs about 2.3 lbs and there's little to no heat coming off this light--it might warm up a little bit later, but it is a very cool operating unit. I know Kessil put a lot of technology into keeping the H150 and H350 cool, including fans, heat sinks, and some other interesting technology including thermal plates.

Let's leave this H150 plugged in so we can readily compare these two units as far as their spectrum goes. Now I have the H350 plugged in and going, and the fans are a little bit stronger, so you might hear them a little more. This unit, if I hold it up, will give you a little bit of a more red spectrum than that one we just took a look at. Hanging the H350 12" to 24" above your plants you can expect to have a 3' diameter if you're closer to 24" above your plants.

If I alternate between the two you can see the difference in the spectrum. Here's the magenta, and here's the purple. Magenta, purple. Lighting them up next to each other you can see that the magenta obviously dominates the spectrum, so you'll only see that pinkish spectrum. The H350 is also really light weighing only about 4.1 lbs. By the way the dimensions of this unit is 4" in diameter by 4" high. The H150 is about 4.5" high but only about 2.5" in diameter.

I'll turn these guys off and that's about it. If you have any more questions about Kessil units, leave them in the comments below. Other than that, have a good one."

Kessil LED Plant Grow Lights H150 & H350 Review