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Sweet all natural mineral supplement contains a unique combination of organic compounds and essential elements directly involved in plant photosynthesis and respiration. Sweet provides stress free transitions and hearty, fruitful crops.

Sweet all natural mineral supplements contains carbohydrates and essential secondary elements which are utilized for the bio-synthesis of crucial compounds to maintain optimal metabolism.

Plant Physiologists have determined that a high phosphorous:nitrogen (P/N) ratio favors flowering and fruit development, whereas, a low P/N ratio favors vegetative growth. For this reason, it is common practice to cut down on nitrogen levels at the onset of flowering.

Unfortunately, this sudden deprivation of nitrogen results in a metabolic imbalance caused by limited nitrogen availability.Crucial nitrogen-containing compounds such as amino acids, proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids, vitamins and hormones cannot be synthesized fast enough to keep up with the metabolic demands of the plant. Furthermore, the undesirable effects of nitrogen deprivation are amplified under enriched carbon dioxide atmospheres and high light intensities.

Sweet is scientifically formulated with carbohydrates for flavor and aroma enhancement. The unique chemical composition of Sweet makes it beneficial during all phases of plant growth.

During the vegetative phase, application of Sweet? prevents plants from becoming leggy and soft-stemmed in the presence of high nitrogen concentrations.

At the onset of flowering application of Sweet? ensures a seamless and stress-free transition from the vegetative to the flowering stage even though nitrogen levels are artificially kept low. The key ingredients present in Sweet? are rapidly taken up by plants and utilized for the biosynthesis of crucial compounds to maintain optimal metabolism. The continued application of Sweet? during the flowering and fruiting stages helps maintain a proper balance between photosynthesis and respiration. This is significant because, during flowering, many growers use high carbon dioxide concentrations, high temperatures and light with longer wavelengths. Under such conditions, respiration can outstrip photosynthesis causing excessive ethylene production which results in senescence, yellowing of leaves and leggy growth. Sweet? protects plants from this metabolic imbalance and helps produce sturdy stems with short internodes and an abundance of buds, flowers and fruits.

Sweet? contains a unique combination of all natural compounds and essential elements that are directly involved in plant photosynthesis and respiration

A. Carbohydrates are the end products of photosynthesis. Carbohydrates are broken down during respiration to release large amounts of chemical energy which is utilized by plants for biosynthetic reactions. Sweet? contains optimal concentrations of glucose, fructose and sucrose.

B. Essential secondary elements are included in the formulation because they are obligatory co-factors for some of the enzymes involved in photosynthesis and respiration.

Vegetative Phase 10 ml 3.78L
Transition Phase 10 -15 ml 3.78L
Fruiting & Flowering/Reproductive Phase 15 - 20 ml 3.78L

Available in 1 quart, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, 5 gallon, 15 gallon, and 55 gallon sizes
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