Ceramic Metal Halide Lights CMH
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CMH 315W Lamp Comparison Test Data & Review Ceramic Science 315W CMH Light Conversion Kit Unboxing & Review

Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH or CDM) lamps are a relatively new source of HID light that is a variation of the traditional Metal Halide HID lamp. CMH lamps use 20% of the power of comparable incandescent light bulbs for the same output (80-117 lumens/watt) and retain their color spectrum better than most other gas discharge lamps, making them a great option for indoor grow lights. The ceramic tube unique to CMH lamps is an advantage in comparison to the fused quartz tube in traditional MH lamps. This Ceramic tube and the metallic atoms within it create a bluish light that is close to daylight with a CRI (color rendering index) of up to 96. . . .