Clips, Ties, & Tape
We have clips, ties, twisties, velcro, and other plant support items to help organize your indoor garden, outdoor garden, or greenhouse. From duct tape to orca-film seam tape, we have the kind you're looking for. Use this tape to securely fasten and close air holes for ducting, reflectors, fans, and carbon filters. Also close and holes in your grow tent with Silver Flex tape which will keep your walls reflective.

Our large selection of soft garden plant ties, green twist ties, garden wires, vinyl tretch tie, crop clips, vine clips, twist clip vine holders, plastic adjustable plant ties, sun spools, lock-n-release spools, Nie-Co-Rol's, tape guns, and velcro plant ties give you a plethora of options to train and manage the branches and canopy of your plants. If you need commercial quantities for bulk purchases, please reach out to our staff for volume pricing.