Cloning, Seedling Media
Cloning and Seedling media are specifically rated for use to start your seeds or cuttings. Some of our most popular mediums are: Rootswell Rooting Plugs, & Grodan Rockwool A-OK Plugs.

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Whether you're using soil or hydroponics, your clones and seedlings need extra care while their roots are still in early development and our large collection of cloning and seedling media ensure your little plants get off to the best possible start. From grow trays, Stonewool plugs, cubes, and blocks, to replacement inserts, and pellet refills we carry it all here at GrowerHouse. Most of these types of media are used due to their ability to hold moisture since a high humidity is vital during the first week or so as the roots begin to get established.

Propagation kits offer everything your little plants need all in one package, while our selection of starter plugs and pellets are great ways to start straight from seed or small cuttings without harming fragile young plants.