This CO2 flow rate calculator will help you optimize the level of co2 in your grow room environment. A few notes:

1. Because grow rooms are sealed differently and have different plant numbers, you should use this calculator as a guide, not an exact calculator. If your room is more sealed and/or you have few plants, your CO2 may be higher than what this calculator estimates. If your room is not sealed well and/or you have a lot of plants, your co2 may be lower than what this calculator estimates.

2.The arrow next to the flow meter will move showing you where the ball within your flow meter should be when your CO2 system is emitting CO2 into your grow room.

3. The "On Time" is the amount of time your CO2 canister or generator will actively be filling your grow space per "How Often" interval you choose e.g., "Every Hour," "Every 2 Hours," or "Every 3 Hours." Example, If you input "15" in the "On Time" and "Every Hour" for the "How Often" field, then you should set your timer so that your CO2 device goes on for 15 minutes and off for 45 minutes. If you change the "How Often" field to "Every 2 Hours" then you would set your timer to go on for 15 minutes and off for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Repeat any cycle you determine is best for your environment while your lights are on--plants cannot absorb CO2 when they are not photosynthesizing i.e., receiving light.

4. Existing CO2 levels are 300 ppm. Leave this number as is unless you have a good reason to believe it is either higher or lower. 1500 ppm is the optimal amount of CO2 for plants. Any more and it can be toxic for your plants, any less and you will slow down growth and production.

5. CO2 is beneficial for all stages of plant growth. Correctly adding CO2 to your garden can help increase yields by 20%. For more information on CO2 and CO2 products, read our CO2 Buyers Guide.