CO2 Generators, Burners
Use CO2 in your garden to increase plant yield by up to 20%. Plants benefit most from CO2 when the PPM (parts per million) of CO2 in the air is between 1000 and 1500. Ambient PPM of CO2 is usually about 300 PPM. Use our CO2 Calculator for Grow Rooms to find out where to set the flow gauge on your regulator, and how often to turn your regulator on. New to CO2 enrichment? Read our CO2 Buyers Guide and 'How To.' We believe the easiest way to add CO2 to your garden is by adding an Exhale CO2 Bag. Use CO2 Generators for grow rooms larger than 10' x 10'.

CO2 Generators and burners are typically for grow rooms larger than 10' x 10'. Burners use either natural gas or liquid propane for a combustion reaction which produces CO2 and water (H2O) as well as heat. Using carbon dioxide enrichment requires good air circulation for even distribution so your plants can absorb and use the CO2. Check out our large selection of CO2 generators and CO2 burners for your CO2 enrichment needs.

A CO2 generator can release toxic carbon monoxide gas if the fuel is not properly burned, observing a red flame color will provide a clue that your burner isn't operating properly. Blue means it's working, but a CO2 monitor is the best way to measure the amounts of carbon dioxide being supplied to your plants.