Cultured Solutions Bud Booster - Mid

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Cultured Solutions Bud Booster promotes proliferous blooms and is pH stable. Use this product to help increase size and density of your fruits and flowers.
CULTURED SOLUTIONS BUD BOOSTER was developed to meet your plants inherent need for higher ratios of specific minerals during the flowering cycle. BUD BOOSTER encourages your plants natural reproductive responses, allowing for fully developed, buds, flowers and fruits to reach their full genetic potential. BUD BOOSTER produces more colorful blossoms and maximizes the production of your plants healing essential oils.

  • Promotes Proliferous Blooms
  • Exceptionally pH Stable
  • Highly Concentrated

  • Hydroponics System/Reservoir:
  • Add 3-10mL of CULTURED SOLUTIONS BUD BOOSTER per gallon of purified water at the first signs of flowering

  • Foliar:
    Add 1mL of CULTURED SOLUTIONS BUD BOOSTER per quart of purified water.

    CULTURED SOLUTIONS BUD BOOSTER is suitable for all hydroponics applications including Water Culture Rockwool, NFT, Ebb-N-Flow and substrate based Drain to Waste applications.
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    Name Cultured Solutions Bud Booster - Mid
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