What size would you like your Grow Tent to be?

Small 1-9 Plants | 7-20oz Yield


Yield 3-6oz
Plants 1-2


Yield 5-10oz
Plants 2-4


Yield 6-14oz
Plants 4-8


Yield 7-18oz
Plants 4-9

Medium 4-20 Plants | 6-40oz Yield


Yield 7-20oz
Plants 4-9


Yield 14-16oz
Plants 8-18


Yield 16-40oz
Plants 8-20

Large 16-80 Plants | 30-160oz Yield


Yield 30-72oz
Plants 16-36


Yield 36-80oz
Plants 16-40


Yield 60-144oz
Plants 32-72


Yield 72-160oz
Plants 32-80

Choosing the right grow tent is crucial for your garden’s potential. That’s why Growers House has created an easy to use grow tent configurator so you can customize your grow tent kit for your planned indoor garden in 3 easy steps.

A high quality grow tent gives you control over the internal temperatures and humidity levels within your garden. With a couple of strategically placed duct fans and filters, you can create the perfect environment in your area, and help it stay that way.  A grow tents enclosed design also keeps unwanted pests, such as aphids, flies and spider mites, at bay. Any outdoor grower will tell you how easy it is for pests to infect your plants and how difficult it is to get rid of them. As long as the plants and equipment entering your tent are clean and pest free you shouldn’t encounter any kind of infestation. Without a doubt, the best reason to grow with a grow tent is they are designed to make creating and controlling these environmental conditions easy.

Go configure your custom grow tent with our indoor grow tent configurator.

Our grow tent packages and kits are offered in many sizes so you can grow one plant up to almost one hundred. If your local state has a limit of 6 plants or 12 plants, you can easily find the right grow tent setup to match your plant count and size requirements.

Our complete grow room kits come with everything you need to grow your plants from seed or clone to harvest, including: tent; option of LED, CMH, or HID (HPS/MH) lighting; carbon filter; ducting; inline fan; hanging straps and ratchets; pots; saucers; soil; coco coir; hydroponics system of your choice either Ebb & Flow or Flood & Drain (available for most medium to large tent packages); nutrients; controllers; timers; pH adjustment; CO2 options; and more!

Our grow rooms are great for the first time grower or the indoor growing professional.

Once you get a grow tent package from GrowersHouse.com, you have the full support of our staff via email and phone. Our customer service reps all have a wide range of growing experience, so leverage them to make sure your grow room and harvest go as smoothly, healthy, and heavy as possible.

Have any questions about your grow tent package and/or want to substitute items?

Feel free to give us a call and we can make any additions, subtractions, or substitutions you’d like. Reach us at 855-289-1441 or staff@growershouse.com.