Down To Earth

Down To Earth utilizes high quality material inputs that meet or exceed the standards set forth by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) and are approved for use in organic crop production. Most are currently listed on the WSDA Organic Materials List or on the OMRI Products List. Certified organic operators are encouraged to check with their certifying agent for a final determination of the acceptability of any product before purchase, application and inclusion in your farm plan. Since 1997, Down To Earth has packaged their fertilizers in 100% recycled boxes. The boxes are unbleached (which prevents dioxins from leaching into the environment) and printed with soy based inks. The box is so completely recyclable it can even be added to your compost pile! Our boxes also hold more volume of product with less package usage to eliminate unnecessary waste with added box liners to help keep the product fresh (and reduce the odor).