Down To Earth - Bone Meal (3-15-0)

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    Feather Meal is a great source of slow release Nitrogen that is perfect for heavy feeders like corn, cole crops and leafy green vegetables. Incorporate into your soil before spring plantings for best results. Steamed and ground bone meal, which is rich in nutrients and low in fat, provides a high level of phosphorous for all stages of growth and flowering. An excellent source of calcium for healthy plant development Steamed Bone Meal is a wonderful food for bulbs and all flowering plants and trees.
    Feather Meal is derviced from hydrolyzed, ground feather and is rich in slow release nitrogen. the most commonly used source of Nitrogen for organic growers, it is perfect for heavy feeders like leafy greens and long season crops such as corn, cole crops and fall harvested vegetables. Incorporate into your soil before Spring plantings and side dress throughout the season when needed.

    Steamed and powdered feather meal, High in nitrogen, yet slow releasing, Ideal fertilizer for most leafy green vegetables, corn, brassicas, fall sown crops, and compost piles, Mix with your soil before planting for best results, Apply 4 to 8 lbs per 100 square feet, 12-0-0 formula, 6 lb box.

    Application Rates

    Vegtable Gardens: Apply 3-6 lbs per 100 per square feet and throughly mix into soil. For transplants add 1-2 tablespoons per hole, mix into soil and water in well. Apply 1-2lbs as a top dress, and 1-2 times throughout the growing season to promote plant growth.


    Derived from: Feather Meal, Nitrogen 12.0%


    USDA Nation Organic Program, OMRI Listed
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