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    The Only "No Damage" wand trimmer on the market. Dual speed control for blade speed and vacuum allow for the best trimming of different flower species. Best used on fresh / wet plants.
    The Wander Trimmer provides the perfect combination of precision hand trim with the efficiency of a commercial leaf and bud trimmer. The Wander Trimmer will save you 60-80 percent of your time, will not damage your flowers, collects all of your clipped leaf for processing and allows you to hang-dry your plants. The Wander Trimmer is proudly made in the USA and comes with a 1-year warranty.

    How it works:

    The suction created by the vacuum pulls the leaf away from the undisturbed flower and into the cutting slot where the blade spins and cuts. Your undamaged trimmed leaf is then deposited into your shop vac for easy processing. When used properly, the Wander Trimmer provides a very tight, consistent cut without "nicking" your flowers.

    Elements of Control: Placement of the Cutting Slot – Trimming with the Wander Trimmer truly is hand trimming. Like scissors, the Wander Trimmer gives you complete control of the cutting slot allowing you to effortlessly trim your leaf without damaging or "nicking" your flowers.

    Suction – The Wander Trimmer comes with a vacuum speed control that can be dialed up or down depending on the size of flowers you are trimming. For the smaller stuff, you may want to dial down the suction to prevent the flowers from being pulled off of the stem. For larger flowers you may want more suction to quickly pull the leaf into the cutting slot increasing your efficiency.

    Blade Speed – You can control the blade speed on top of the electric motor. We recommend running on half speed.

    The Wander Trimmer, also known as the Humboldt Harvester, is the latest innovation in mechanical trimming, whether you are an independent gardener or a commercial grower, the Humboldt Harvester allows you to quickly and effortlessly manicure your flowers to perfection. The Wander Trimmer will save 60-80 percent of your time and cost over hand trimming, won’t damage your product, collects all your trimmings for processing, and still allows you to hang dry your plants. Like all of EZTRIM’s products, the Wander Trimmer is made in the USA and comes with a one year warranty.

  • Provides scissor trim quality
  • 60-80 percent time/cost savings over hand trimming
  • Connects to any wet/dry vacuum
  • Features a precision, bearing-mounted stainless steel blade and high torque/low rpm motor to ensure hours of effortless operation
  • Offers you complete and independent control of the blade speed and suction to insure your trim is precisely as you want it
  • Cleans and reassembles in minutes
  • Collects your undamaged trimmings, ready for processing
  • And all the parts are replaceable

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    NameEZTRIM Wander Trimmer
    BrandEZ Trim
    Warranty1 Year
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