FoxFarm Ocean Forest Organic Potting Mix

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    FoxFarm's most popular potting soil, Ocean Forest is a powerhouse blend of aged forest products, sphagnum peat moss, earthworm castings, bat guano, fish emulsion, and crab meal. Aged forest products, sandy loam, and sphagnum peat moss give Ocean Forest its light, aerated texture. Start with Ocean Forest and watch your plants come alive! For most gardens you do not need to use nutrients for the first 3-6 weeks due to the high nutrient content of the soil.
    Here’s an ideal soil for indoor/outdoor, container and greenhouse gardening. Fox Farm Ocean Forest Organic Potting Mix is a blend of Northwest sea-going fish, crab and shrimp meal, and earthworm castings. Added to the blend are composted forest humus, peat moss, bat guano and micronutrients. They combine to create the optimum organic medium for a versatile planting environment. The mix is light in texture and well aerated. It’s an ideal soil for starting seeds. The nutrient content of the soil is so high that for most gardens, there’s no need to add nutrients for the first three to six weeks.
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