General Hydroponics FloraMicro 5-0-1

The foundation of the 3-Part Building-Block Nutrient System. Made from pharmaceutical grade minerals Micro provides Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium and Micronutrients.

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Name General Hydroponics FloraMicro 5-0-1
Brand General Hydroponics
SKU 718120-0
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FloraMicro provides rapidly growing plants with Nitrogen, Potassium and Calcium as well as a unique combination of chelated micronutrients and trace elements plus special pH buffers.

FloraMicro is the foundation of the "Advanced Nutrient System." FloraGro and FloraBloom form the structure. Combine FloraMicro, FloraGro and/or FloraBloom in different ratios to create specialized nutrient mixes. We call this the "building-block" method. This unique system gives growers greater control over the nutrient mix than a single-part nutrient.

An aggressive nutrient can be mixed for fast growing plants with a high metabolic rate, or a mild nutrient can be mixed for delicate or slow growing plants.

Adjust the nutrient mix to meet specialized needs for each phase in the plant's life cycle: seedling, vegetative, transitional, flowering and fruiting.

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