Growers Choice 315W Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Lamp 10000k

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    Growers Choice 10k 315W MH Finishing Lamp helps increase the resin production of your plant in its final stages of Flowering! Growers Using CMH or LEC Fixtures can gain the benefits of the industries first and only 315W 10K MH Finishing Lamp.
    A major benefit of using a 10K UV Light near the end of your plants bloom cycle increases resin production as a defense mechanism in response to the Ultra Violet Light! For all the growers using CMH/LEC fixtures can also gain the benefits as well with the industries first and only 315W 10K MH Finishing Lamp!


    • For Use In 315W CMH/LEC Fixtures
    • Strong Peaks in UV to Increase Resin Production
    • Can Be Used For 25+ Flower Cycles Before Replacement
    • Use only in the last 7-14 days of Flowering
    • Durable Quartz glass arc tube ensures long usable life!

    Performance Data

    • Light Output (Lumens @ 100 Hours): 22000
    • Lumens Per Watt: 70
    • Rated Life (Hours @ 10 Hour / Start): 6000
    • Correlated Color Temperature (K): 10000
    • Color Rendering Index (CRI) or (RA): 90
    • Photon Flux (umol): 450
    • Burning Position: HOR 15

    Physical Data / Requirements

    • Max. Base Temperature (C): 250
    • Max. Bulb Temperature (C): 350
    • Luminaire Type: Open/Enclosed

    Lamp Electrical Data / Requirements

    • ANSI Standard Ballast: C182/0 or Electronic
    • Lamp Wattage (W): 315W
    • Lamp Operating Voltage (V): 100V
    • Lamp Operating Current (AMPS): 3.15A
    • Min. Open Circuit Voltage (RMS): 198V
    • Min. Pulse Width @ 2700V (Microseconds): 1.9
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    NameGrowers Choice 315W Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Lamp 10000k
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