Iluminar HASH Environment Sensor Module (PAR, Temperature, Humidity, CO2)

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    A small and versatile module that allows you to monitor your environment from anywhere in the world, it can be very useful in industry, agriculture and horticulture. Showing the current temperature, humidity and other parameters, this device can control the system and receive SMS alerts if a problem is detected. Ideal for small areas like offices, greenhouses, garages or basements.

    Wifi connected Environmental Sensor connects directly to the ILUMINAR HASH Controller to deliver realtime data logging directly to a smartphone or device, no PC is required. Control and view various points of data from an unlimited number of devices with additional Power Links. Expand to multiple faciities, rooms and zones with additional Environmental Sensors.

    • Connect to ILUMINAR HASH Controller for high accuracy monitoring and full control of connected devices.
    • Connect up to 6 wireless devices per HASH Controller plus 2 wired and 2 lighting zones.
    • Monitor temperature, humidity, pressure/altitude, CO2, Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) and light levels.
    • Utilizes highly accurate and reliable sensors (Bosch BME280 sensor, SH-DS industrial/greenhouse grade
    • CO2 sensor, Phototransistor light sensor).
    • Includes options for wall mounting or hanging.
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    NameIluminar HASH Environment Sensor Module (PAR, Temperature, Humidity, CO2)
    BrandIluminar Lighting
    Weight (lbs)4
    Dimensions6.9" x 4.7" x 1.4"
    Light TypeLED, MH, CMH, HPS, Fluorescent
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