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    Use to fight deficiencies! It improves plant strength & yield; a real night & day difference in every aspect of plant condition! Use in Veg or Bloom. For Soil.

    Free shipping on all sizes except for 8 oz and 32 oz sizes.


    Free shipping on all sizes except for 8 oz and 32 oz sizes.

    WHAT IS IT...

    6.26% Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) derived from Zeolite. Silica is one of the most important products you can use to increase the overall health and natural immunity in your garden. Silicon Dioxide, known to scientists as the 17th nutrient, can be an important addition for gardeners looking for stronger stems, leaves, tissue and better tolerance to high-performance environments. Where Potassium Silicate products tend to precipitate with things like Phosphoric Acid as well as drastically affect pH & PPM’s. Key to Silica does neither of these things while still providing all of the desired benefits that silicates have to offer.


    • Silica works by strengthening cell walls of plants while maximizing xylem and phloem flow.
    • Increasing the strength of cell walls allows your plant to be more rigid, and in some cases rigid enough to promote plant tissue thickness that creates undesirable scenarios for pesky critters and others.
    • Silicon Dioxide, in particular, is extremely plant available and is actually a great source of calcium and iron!
    • Zeolite is also very efficient at holding onto and slow-releasing nutrients and water!
    • Silica is extremely nutrient friendly. Some nutrients are very antagonistic when used with other nutrients. Our Silica can be used with almost any fertilizer, biological & supplemental nutrient in your regimen.


    • It is important to use silica throughout the entire lifecycle of the plant
    • In the early stages, it protects young delicate leaves and new fragile roots to ensure a vigorous start.
    • In the late veg/transition phase it ensures proper nutrient flow and strength while your plants prepare for fruiting/ flowering.
    • During the fruiting and flowering stages, it is extremely important to use to ensure that ALL new growth is as strong and as rigid as possible.
    • Use during late fruiting/flowering phase to ensure the healthiest harvest possible.
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