Grow Light Hangers
Use these grow light, reflector, and equipment hangers and Yo-Yo's to raise and lower your reflectors to the perfect position. Our favorite style of light hangers are the ratchet style light hangers--we use these throughout our setups in our retail store. Most light hangers for grow lights are sold in pairs. Make sure to pay attention to the weight rating when finding hangers for the equipment you plan on using them to hang.

Check out our selection of ratchet hangers and jack chains for supporting your lights, reflectors and ventilation equipment. The ratcheting hangers allow for easy raising and lowering of equipment with just a simple adjustment. The 1/8 inch hangers typically hold about 150lbs per pair, while the thicker heavy duty 1/4 inch hangers can support up to 300 lbs a pair. Our selection of ratchet hangers has carabiner clips to provide a secure hold and allow for easy attaching or removing equipment. The rope hangers allow for up to eight feet of hanging space while our heavy-duty jack chains come in 100 foot and 200 foot lengths and are a type of chain made of thin wire, with figure-eight-shaped links, and loops at right angles to each other. Jack chains are often used to suspend fixtures such as lights or signs and can be easily opened with pliers for making length adjustments.