Timers / Controllers
Use lighting controllers and timers to automate your indoor grow room and hydroponics garden. Use products like the Flipbox to run two flowering rooms off half as many ballasts by having the light alternate 12 hour shifts. Many lighting controllers and timers for larger, multi light grows need to be wired into your breaker and often are run on 240 volts. Give us a call if you need help finding the best lighting controller for your grow room.

Take control of your lights with our top-of-the-line digital and analog timers and grow light controllers. Light Timers automatically set up your lights to come on and off at specific times or set intervals. Whether you're on 24-18 or 12-hour cycles or prefer analog over digital or digital over analog, we have the timers for you. If you have something more complicated or have a large grow operation our selection of Light Controllers are available to control large numbers of lights and are typically run on 240 volts of power often requiring professional installation.