Method Seven Operator LED Plus Glasses

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    Method Seven Operator LED manufactured to exacting standards and optical clarity by Carl Zeiss. Outstanding properties for Color, Clarity, and Protection. See. Believe. Method Seven. Delivering the world's ultimate grow experience.
    The Method Seven Operator LED grow room glasses are designed to be the best glasses to protect your eyes and view plants in white light to spot disease, pests, and growth characteristics. The Method Seven Operator LED indoor garden glasses are optimized for LED lights of all kinds including, but not limited to: Black Dog, Solar Storm, LumiGrow, Apache Tech, Kessil, Advanced LED, Kind LED, and more. The Method Seven LED lenses are manufactured to exacting standards and optical clarity by Carl Zeiss color balance, the most popular commercial LED grow lights. Change the way you grow with better color, clarity, and protection to benefit both you and your plants. These Method Seven LED glasses come in uncoated only.

    METHOD SEVEN optics provide advanced solutions with outstanding properties for Color, Clarity, and Protection for each of the common sources of lighting for indoor and outdoor growing. Our patent pending HPS Rendition Perfect Color glass optics provide the ultimate in improved grower experience in the demanding and stressful yellow saturated conditions of indoor HPS grow rooms. We also offer specific products for fantastic color balancing and more enjoyable and efficient work in HPS, LED, MH (metal halide), LED, and outdoor sun light environments. Some products are available with a Silver Coating for additional light attenuation for very bright conditions and crossover use for outdoor gardening and as sunglasses.

    See. Believe. Method Seven Rendition delivers "Perfect Color" for the world's ultimate grow experience in the intense yellow spectrum and harsh conditions of HPS lighting. Optional "Plus" silver coated lenses available for +10K watt environments, user preference, and crossover use with outdoor conditions. The Rendition Series patent pending formulation is made with German durable mineral glass to provide perfect color, perfect clarity, 100% UV protection and the highest resolution possible.
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