Plug n Grow PNG060 CO2 Controller with High-Temp Shutoff

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    At Plug ‘N’ Grow Controllers, we provide simple and reliable climate controllers for indoor gardening. Our humidity and temperature controllers avoid you from wasting time, efforts and energy. We are proud to build long lasting products including a three-year warranty and free technical support. Every product is hand made and tested before leaving our factory, to ensure accurate CO2, temperature, and humidity ratings.
    Simple CO2 controller with display and day/night detection. Very easy to install and set up. The PNG-060 comes with a high temperature shutoff to protect your plants from overheating: CO2 enrichment is stopped when the temperature set point is reached.
    • Displays ambient CO2 level
    • Day and night detection
    • Adjustable CO2 setpoint from 400 ppm to 2100 ppm
    • High temperature shutoff feature from 50°F to 130°F
    • Adjustable differential
    • Easy one-button calibration
    • 3-year warranty
    • 15A/120V/60Hz
    • Made in North America
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    NamePlug n Grow PNG060 CO2 Controller with High-Temp Shutoff
    BrandIntelligent Growing Systems
    Weight (lbs)1.8
    Dimensions9.3"L x 7.5"W x 2.8"H
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