Silica and Silicon nutrient benefits include greater tolerance of environmental stresses, such as cold, heat, drought, salinity, mineral toxicity or deficiency, improved growth rates and resistance to insects and fungi. Many plants also respond to silica with thicker, more dense flowers and buds.

Silica-based nutrients can have Silicon (Si) in various forms like silicic acid and silicon dioxide. It is the only nutrient which is not harmful when overfed. Silicic acid is the most bioavailable form of silicon that strengthens cell walls, increases nutrient uptake, and increases the immune response improving resistance to heat, cold, drought, and pests. Silicon is also one of the best ways to increase calcium availability in the form of silicic acid.

Benefits of Si

  • increased disease resistance
  • increased resistance to pathogenic airborne fungi like Botrytis
  • increased resistance to waterborne pathogens
  • increased resistanceto insects/pests
  • increased strength in cell structure
  • increased stress tolerance
  • increased drought tolerance
  • increased salt tolerance
  • increased yields