SmartBee Light Temperature & Humidity Sensor LTH - Light, Temperature, Humidity

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SmartBee™ LTH Sensor - this Light, Temperature and Humidity (LTH) sensor is a core component of the SmartBee™ system. The sensor monitors real-time atmospheric conditions within the garden and reports to The Hive™ for up-to-the-second analysis. (must be used with a SmartBee HIVE controller module)

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SmartBee™ System's LTH sensors are core components that allow you fine-tuned control. They continuously monitor light, temperature and humidity wirelessly within the garden. One of the many smart features of the SmartBee™ LTH Sensor is a pair of solar panels on top of the unit that harvest excess energy from the lights, keeping the Li-po battery charged. You can deploy multiple LTH sensors to monitor specific areas of your garden, utilizing the readings from specific individual sensors. The options are limitless! Light is sensed via the ambient light sensor which takes readings and sends that data to the Hive Gateway, telling the system whether or not to turn on certain outlets relative to your garden's day or night cycle. Sensor values can be used to preform actions such as turning on a fan or dehumidifier and/or sending a text message alert for high or low humidity levels. SmartBee software is even capable of turning on and off a controllable outlet(s) or Lighting Controller based on the reading from the temperature sensor.

Within indoor gardens, temperature and humidity control with flexible settings for day and night are essential, along with the gradual change over in between. The SmartBee™ LTH Sensor monitors all of these readings and allows you to control the output devices to meet your garden's needs. Factoring various growth stages, as well as day and night time temperature and humidity, the SmartBee LTH Sensor allows for a variety of control scenarios to be achieved.

SmartBee™ gear is compatible with most other manufacturer’s equipment currently on the market today. It is designed to interface with any equipment that’s 120 & 220 Volts and uses a standard NEMA 5 plug configuration.
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Name SmartBee Light Temperature & Humidity Sensor LTH - Light, Temperature, Humidity
Brand SmartBee
SKU SB100101
MSRP $428.40
Warranty 1 Year
Voltage 120-240v