Soil / Soilless Mixes
More than just potting soil, we carry only the best soil and soilless mixes known to humans. Whether it's packed with nutrients or not, our selection of potting soils are all the media you need to make your plants grow off to a great start.

Soil Mixes

These soil mixes start with the soil and then build up a powerful and nutrient filled media that will keep you growing and growing with only the best GrowersHouse has to offer. Whether you're starting from seeds or cuttings our selection of potting soils will make you squirm with glee like a worm in the compost with all the nutrients these soils come packed with great organic soil amendments like worm castings, guanos, mycorrhizae bacteria and more.

Soilless Mixes

Our selection of hydroponic soil-less potting mixes often come with everything but the soil. Peat moss, coco coir, perlite, bark, limestone are some of the awesome ingredients available.