Spray-N-Grow Coco-Wet

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    Coco-Wet is an organic wetting agent with no ionic charge, which allows foliar fertilizers to work at peak efficiency. It reduces runoff and allows plants to absorb more nutrients.
    Have you ever sprayed a nutrient on the leaves of your plant and watched it roll right off ? All your work and money wasted. Use Coco-Wet with every application of Spray-N-Grow or other liquid nutrient sprays. Why? The longer a foliar spray, like Spray-N-Grow, stays on plants’ leaves, the more efficiently it is absorbed by the plant. This means less run-off, less evaporation, and more efficient uptake of nutrients. Coco-Wet is an organic, nonionic wetting agent and is compatible with all your nutrient sprays.
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    NameSpray-N-Grow Coco-Wet
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