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Superthrive is a non-toxic vitamin solution. It works directly on seeds and roots to create vigorous roots and robust plants. Professionals across the world, including landscapers, growers, turf and golf course supervisors use Superthrive to transplant trees, improve crop yield, and grow lush lawns as well as indoor and outdoor plants. Whether you plan to transplant a tree or just want the greenest garden on the block, Superthrive will help you reach your planting goals.
SUPERthrive is a WARF testing lab certified non-toxic liquid concentrated growth enhancer product for plants, which has been available since 1940. It contains ".09%vitamin B1, .048% 1-Napthyl acetic acid",SUPERthrive™ Add to fertilizer for growth! Unique normalizing vitamins - hormones (50). SUPERthrive™ World Champion activator, reviver, transplanter and grower. Super Concentrated! 1 Tbsp per 15 Gallons! Great for everything green... indoor/outdoor plants, seedlings, bulbs, trees, lawns. NON-Pesticide, NON-Polluting - 50 biousables normal pure complexes.
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Name SUPERthrive
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