Trim Bin by Harvest More - Black

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The TrimBin by Harvest-More is the premier trim tray on the market. Sturdy and ergonomically designed, Trim Bin allows for stress-free trimming sessions and high yields. Trim Bin is easy to carry and simple to clean and will keep your scene organized and efficient.

  • 1 top bin with 150 micron stainless steel screen installed (non-removable)
  • 1 bottom bin with mirror finish
  • 1 static brush by Harvest More

  • Dimensions Packaged:
  • 20″ (L) x 16″ (W) x 6″ (H)

    Materials: both bins are made from recyclable polypropylene

    Each TrimBin separates into two pieces. The upper half of the TrimBin is fitted with a 150 micron stainless steel screen. Pollen is filtered through the screen where it is captured in the lower half of the bin. The screen’s gauge is precisely selected for generating large amounts of the highest quality pollen while filtering out undesirable impurities. To gather the yield, lift the top from the bottom and collect the pollen with the provided Static Brush.

    The sculpted shape of the TrimBin is designed for long-term comfortable use. The steep walls are lowered on one side to avoid stressing shoulders, arms and wrists. Trimmers work with the TrimBin in their lap, which instantly reduces back pain by promoting correct posture.


  • Engineered design for optimum ergonomics and comfort
  • Wide, rounded edges to prevent wrist pain
  • High walls for a clean and organized work space
  • 150 Micron stainless steel screen
  • Mirror finish collection tray and Static Brush
  • Heavy duty construction for season after season of use
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made in California

  • Benefits:

  • Reduce stress injuries and increase productivity
  • Instantly user friendly
  • Move away from the table for ultimate relaxation
  • Turn any chair or couch into a comfortable workstation
  • Easy setup and clean up
  • Stackable design allows for easy storage
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    NameTrim Bin by Harvest More - Black
    BrandHarvest More
    Dimensions20″ x 16″ x 6″
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