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    Use Azos beneficial microbes for rooting cuttings, cloning, and transplanting. Azos helps promote growth, and has even helped in growing the worlds largest pumpkin!
    Azos is a beneficial microbe that sparks new root development and boosts growth. Azos works by rapidly increasing plant production of IAA (indole-3 acetic acid) – a natural plant hormone, affecting cell division, growth rates, plant and root development. Azos further enhances growth by converting atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form available to plant roots. It essentially takes pollution out of the air and turns it into an organic plant food! Use Azos to quickly and naturally root new cuttings; add to transplant to kick-start new development (works best in combination with Mykos) and water-in or add to hydroponic reservoirs to feed and fuel abundant growth. Azos has been used to help break 7 World Records for plant growth, including a 2,000 lb. pumpkin! Azos is a beneficial additive; it may be used with any nutrient line. Application: Soil, Coco, Rockwool, & All Hydroponic Systems (and Aquaponics!). Great for Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, & Herbs.

    Directions and Applications for Azos:

    Cuttings & Starts - Soak, Dip, & Stick
  • Add 1/4 cup per gal of water. Soak plugs for 10 mins. Remove plugs.
  • In a small container, mix 1 part Azos with 2 parts water.
  • Dip tips of new cuttings in solution for 3 seconds and set in plugs.
  • Clonging machines: add 1 tbsp. per gallon.
  • Plugs to container: dust root ball of starts with 1-2 tsp. Azos.
  • For best results pH water to 6.0.
  • Azos works best alone without synthetic rooting compounds.

    Established Plants
  • Drench: add 1/2 cup per gal of water. Mix well. pour 2 cups solution at the base of each plant.

    Hydroponics & Irrigation
  • Reservoirs: add 1 cup per 50 gals of water. Repeat weekly for best results.

    Flowering & Fruiting Plants
  • No need to use.

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