8 Inch Grow Room Inline Fan Comparison Review

Hi everyone Nate from Growers House. We actually just ran some information on 8 inch fans that some of our customers were asking for. There are so many 8 inch fans out there and everyone is wondering about which is the best. What is the quietest, which has the least amperage, which fan has the least wattage, which has the most CFMs of course? So what we decided to do was test the top 8 inline fans and get some results.

We plugged them all into a Kill-A-Watt meter to figure out what the wattage is here at our facility at the wall, and the amperage. We also used a decibel meter and used that to get decibel reads at about 12 inches away from the fans. We made an infographic chart to easily see the readings in comparison to one another. 8 inch fans are one of the industry standards and a lot people have different reasons for why they may choose one fan over another such as not using so much energy but still getting a lot of air movement but maybe not quite as loud as others. So we compiled all this information and make it available to you guys.

We tested three different fans from Can-Fan, including the Can Fan Max Fan, the Can Fan RS 8 (S800), the High Output Can Fan RS HO. We also tested the Hyper Fan, the Vortex S-Line fan, as well as Vortex Fan VTX Series, the Hurricane from Sunlight Supply, and the Active Air from HydroFarm.

Check some of this information out and hopefully it helps you make a better informed purchasing decision for the next 8 inch fan you need for your indoor growing.

If there is anything you would like to see us test in the future let us know here or send us an email. Happy Growing!

8 inch Inline Fan Comparison Review Results