HLG 350R vs Mars Hydro FC 3000 LED Grow Light Comparison

hlg 350 grow light vs mars hydro fc 3000

LED lights are an ideal choice for most growers and choosing the right one can save you money while improving the quality of your harvest. Today we are comparing the HLG 350R by Horticulture Lighting Group and the Mars Hydro FC 3000. Right now only the HLG 350R is sold by GrowersHouse.

Mars Hydro FC 3000 VS. HLG 350R Specs

Use the chart below to compare the most important LED specs for the Mars Hydro FC 3000 and the HLG 350R.

  Mars Hydro FC 3000 HLG 350R
Power (wattage draw) 300 Watts dimmable 60-350 Watts dimmable
Voltage range AC110-277V AC120-277V
LEDs Samsung lm301B + 660nm Osram Deep Red Samsung LM301H + LM351H Osram Deep Red
Veg Footprint 3’ x 3’ at 18” 3’ x 5’ at 15”
Flowering Footprint 4’ x 4’ at 21” 5’ x 5’ at 24”
PPF Efficacy (PPE) Claimed: 2.8 µmol/j Claimed: 2.9µmol/j
PPF Efficacy (PPE) Tested: 2.4µmol/j Tested: 2.75 µmol/j
Total PPF Output 970 µmol/s 911 µmol/s
Dimensions 30.6 x 25.4 x 3.7 inches 34.5" x 10" x 2.75"
Thermal Management Passive cooling Passive cooling
Recommended Mounting Height 18”-21” above canopy 15”-24” above canopy
IP65 Water Resistance Yes Yes
Manufacturer’s Warranty 1 year full; 4 additional years parts 3 years full, repair or replacement


Canopy Coverage

The HLG 350R has superior coverage—9 square feet more canopy than the Mars Hydro FC 3000 in flowering phase and 6 square feet more in veg phase. It holds the potential to boost yield because it can nourish more plants. While the HLG 350R is slightly larger in dimensions than the Marsh Hydro FC 3000, its overall light intensity is lower by about 59 micromoles per second (µmol/s), which is about 6.5 percent.

Wattage Draw, Output

The HLG 350R draws about 30 watts more than the Mars Hydro FC 3000, but it’s more efficient, so the higher draw is mitigated. The HLG produces around 0.35 micromoles per joule (µmol/j), which is about 15 percent higher than the Mars Hydro.

Light Intensity

Although the Mars Hydro FC 3000 puts out around 59 µmol/s more than the HLG 350R, its light is spread over a smaller canopy space. The HLG 350R, while slightly less intense than the Mars Hydro, gives you greater canopy coverage, partly because of its larger dimensions.


Both the Mars Hydro FC 3000 and the HLG 350R include a dimming feature. This makes customizing your light needs convenient and easy.

Price & Warranty

The Mars Hydro FC 3000, which costs $330.99, includes a one-year full warranty and a five-year limited warranty. After the first year, the Mars Hydro warranty covers parts only; the Mars Hydro customer must pay for shipping and repairs in the second through fifth years.

The HLG 350R LED grow light costs $219 more and has a three-year warranty, but it covers more potential problems at a lower cost to the customer. HLG will repair or replace the fixture within the warranty period at no cost to the customer, once a return merchandise authorization is obtained from the manufacturer. If you buy from GrowersHouse, contact us for help.

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Spectrum Comparison

The HLG 350R’s spectrum has less red light between 580nm and 780nm compared with the Mars Hydro FC 3000. Into the greens, blues and whites, below 580nm, the two lights have a similar spectrum intensity. 

The Mars Hydro has a greater light intensity than the HGL 350R, but it covers a 36% smaller canopy space —16 square feet, or 4’ x 4’, for the Mars Hydro and 25 square feet, or 5’ x 5’,  for the HGL. Theoretically, the HGL could nourish more plants in a bigger space, or maybe the same space, than the Mars Hydro could.

Both lights include deep red in their spectrums, but the Mars Hydro has more. Deep red wavelengths are great for thickening central flower clusters at the point of maturity. 

HLG 350R

HLG 350 spectrumHLG 350 spectrum

Mars Hydro FC 3000

Mars hydro 3000 grow light spectrumMars hydro 3000 grow light spectrum

Cost Comparison

The HGL 350R costs more to purchase, but it runs at higher efficacy. The HGL 350R covers more overall canopy space. 

The HGL costs about 10% more to run than the Mars Hydro in the veg or flower phases. While the Mars Hydro draws less wattage and produces greater light intensity, it spreads its output over a smaller canopy area, so the potential for a bigger harvest goes to the HGL.

  Mars Hydro FC 3000 HGL 350R
Fixture Cost $330.99 (MSRP) $549 at GrowersHouse
Adapter for Controller N/A N/A
Dimmer Mounted dimmer box Built-in dimmer with multiple preset levels
Cost to run per month @ $0.13 per kWh (U.S. average)(12-16 hr DLI) 12hrs. Daily 108 kWh/month = $14.04
16hrs. Daily 144 kWh/month
12hrs. Daily 118.8 kWh/mth = $15.44
16hrs. Daily 158.4 kWh/mth.= $20.59


Which has more light intensity, the Mars Hydro FC 3000 or the HGL 350R?

The Mars Hydro FC 3000 has a greater light intensity but covers a smaller footprint.

Which light covers a bigger canopy space, the Mars Hydro FC 3000 or the HGL 350R?

The HGL 350R covers 9 square feet more canopy space.

Which LED grow light is cheaper, the Mars Hydro FC 3000 or the HGL 350R?

The Mars Hydro FC 3000 is priced lower @ $3.30 per light.

Which LED grow light is more efficient, the Mars Hydro FC 3000 or the HGL 350R?

The HGL 350R is slightly more efficient than the Mars Hydro FC 3000 LED grow light.

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