Which LED Grow Light Company is the Greenest?

eco friendly grow lights

With climate change an undeniable reality to most of the world, many are striving to do business only with eco-friendly companies who are dedicated to reducing the global carbon footprint. When shopping for grow lights, you might wonder which LED grow light company is the greenest. In this article, we will explore grow light manufacturers who are dedicated to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and offer energy-saving grow lights.

Green LED Grow Light Companies

LED grow lights have revolutionized plant growing and yield. The cool lights are highly energy efficient, do not require annual bulb replacement, and have quickly become the favored grow lights for home growers and large commercial outfits. The LED grow light revolution was a slow burn as growers dug their heels in at changing lights from their tried and true favorites. LED manufacturing companies had to work hard to engineer premier lights that did not fall short of expectations. Each company below is known for eco-friendly, energy-saving grow lights. All the lights are produced in the U.S. and have garnered a great deal of respect in the industry.

1.   Green Fusion LED—Our Number One Choice

As their name clearly reflects, Green Fusion LED launched with one goal in mind: create eco-friendly lighting products.
The company focused on developing the following lighting:

  • Less than 50 percent energy consumption.
  • Improved quality and yield.
  • No significant heat gain from the lighting, reducing the need for energy-hungry HVAC.
  • Lighting choices healthier not only for plants but also people.
  • Energy efficiency incentive eligibility from local energy providers.

With Green Fusion LED products the entire focus is on creating green choices. The LEDs they create convert energy to light, not heat. In addition, they contain no ultraviolet radiation.

Green Fusion is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, where they manufacture lights. Their lighting is designed to fit the needs of everyone, from small growers to large commercial operations.

2.   California LightWorks

California LightWorks launched in 2008 with dedication and vision. The company focuses on the design, research, development, and manufacture of LED grow lights along with automation equipment for greenhouses and indoor horticultural use. They use the latest high-efficiency technology to create state-of-the-art lighting at an affordable price.

In 2008, the company released the StealthLED and then, a short time later, the XtremeLED. Since those early days, they now offer lines referred to as SolarSystem and SolarXtreme, which are high-powered LED grow lights that consume 50 percent less energy than old-school HPS and metal halide-based systems.

California LightWorks offers energy-efficient indoor grow lights that function by focusing the emitted light energy from the bands of the light spectrum so that the plants can readily absorb what they need. In addition, the light produces less heat so you can save energy by not using cooling fans.

The company is in Canoga Park, California. Their U.S. manufacturing facilities try to work with U.S.-based vendors. They are confident in their products and offer full warranties.

3.   LumiGrow, Inc.

In 2007, LumiGrow, Inc. debuted with smart lighting and adjustable-spectrum LEDs. LumiGrow, Inc. is based in Emeryville, California. The company's location was no coincidence. Management wanted to be close to many of the world's top academic and agricultural institutions to harness skilled people to grow the company in the direction envisioned.

LumiGrow is dedicated to offering energy-efficient LED lighting to small horticultural operations and home growers. They offer an impressive range of proven grow lights that are energy efficient. In many cases, their lighting is eligible for energy-efficiency subsidies from utility companies in the U.S. The goal of LumiGrow is to create smart LED grow lighting solutions that not only lower energy costs but also improve crop yields.

4.   Happy Leaf LED

Happy Leaf LED is headed by Victor Zaderej, a lighting engineer who has dedicated his skills to developing truly state-of-the-art, energy-efficient grow lights. Happy Leaf lights boost plant production while reducing energy consumption. The company is less a retailer of lights and more an engineering company that has made a name for itself by providing lighting with proven results.

The company debuted in 2014 and has continued its commitment year after year. All Happy Leaf lighting is designed in the United States. The company offers two lighting lines, the Procyon and the Procyon PRO.

At Happy Leaf, LED Grow lights provide the following:

  • PAR energy to produce healthy and robust plant growth.
  • High efficiency for energy savings and reduced costs.
  • Highly tuned light spectrum that has been shown to increase yields.
  • USA-made products with a five-year guarantee.
  • State_of-the-art design.

5.   Spectrum King LED

Spectrum King LED is not a new kid on the block. They have been proving themselves since 2014. Their professional grade LED grow lights are ideal for indoor and greenhouse applications. The entire company emerged as an effort to find cost-effective, energy-saving solutions for the increasing cost of electricity bills while still being able to produce high yields. Spectrum King had shown their dedication toward green, eco-friendly solutions. The company is based in California, where their lights are manufactured.

6.   Kind LED Grow Lights

Kind LED Grow Lights was created by growers who wanted to produce lights that offered exceptional yield and low energy consumption. At first, LED lights fell short compared with high intensity discharge (HID) lighting, but things would soon change as innovation improved. Kind LED focused on revolutionizing LEDs by building on existing designs with new technology and creating a truly energy-efficient, cool light that created phenomenal yields. The K3 and K5 series LED Grow Lights by Kind LED fit all the criteria the company had been striving to achieve and have ensured that Kind is a leader in LED grow light production.


Why pick an eco-friendly LED grow light company?

Choosing a company that is dedicated to making eco-friendly lighting not only helps the plant but also saves you money by reducing your energy consumption.

Why choose a USA lighting manufacturer?

The USA lighting manufacturers listed here are focused on creating energy-saving lights that improve your yield. Their lights are manufactured in the U.S. using innovative technology.

At GrowersHouse, we sell leading LED lights for all your grow needs. Improving yields while reducing your energy consumption should be a primary focus. The lights we offer have all undergone testing and comparisons to ensure quality.