Boveda 58% 2-Way Humidity Control Packs 8g

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    Boveda 58% 2-Way Humidity Control Packs are designed for long term storage of cured material. Each Boveda pack maintains a constant RH of 58% so your material is fresh, stable and ready to smoke! Designed to only release moisture when necessary, Boveda will never overhumidify your container by absorbing what it doesn't need. Each pack is individually wrapped and can be used side by side without problems. They're also self-regulating so no activation or maintenance is needed.

    Boveda’s patented 58% humidity control packs regulate moisture content, keeping the contents of your containers at the perfect desired level. They don’t need any activation or maintenance. Just place them in an airtight container with your items, and Boveda technology will do the rest.

    Only Boveda responds to any atmospheric humidity conditions inside a container by adding or absorbing moisture as needed to maintain the predetermined relative humidity (rH) level of 58%. Your material will stay fresh, with stable moisture content, delivering a consistently exquisite experience every time.

    Lasts 2-4 months depending on conditions.

    Replace when Boveda turns rigid.

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    NameBoveda 58% 2-Way Humidity Control Packs 8g
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