Cloning Machines
Cloning Machines help make it easier to continually clone your plants. Instead of constantly buying new cloning mediums, these machines use reusable neoprene inserts to hold your plant upright while aeroponic sprayers feed the plants below.

Our most popular Cloning Machines are: TurboKlone Mini, and Botanicare 25 Site Machine

Want to shelve the trays and plugs for a bit? Try a cloner! These easy to use, compact propagating machines will speed things up and make sure you have healthy cuttings in no time. Aeroponic cloners have a low power consumption as the pump in the reservoir pushes water through a manifold and microjet sprayers gently wet the base of the cuttings with highly oxygenated water and nutrient solution. Once the cuttings form a root mass of primary and secondary roots they can be removed and transplanted in your media of choice!