Cultured Solutions Bloom B

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Cultured Solutions Blooming nutrients are great for all hydroponic and drain to waste systems. pH stable and suitable for all types of growing media.
CULTURED SOLUTIONS BLOOM A & B is blended to be as pH stable and plant available as possible, without sacrificing yield potential or compromising crop quality. Our highly chelated, perfectly balanced formula provides hydroponically grown plants with the necessary inputs for explosive bud, fruit and flower production.

2-Part Premium Plant Nutrient

  • Achieve Full Genetic Potential
  • Exceptionally pH Stable
  • Highly Concentrated

  • Hydroponics System/Reservoir:
    Add 2-7mL of CULTURED SOLUTIONS BLOOM A & B per gallon of purified water.

    Add 1mL of CULTURED SOLUTIONS BLOOM A & B per quart of purified water.

    CULTURED SOLUTIONS BLOOM A & B is suitable for all hydroponics applications including Water Culture Rockwool, NFT, Ebb-N-Flow and substrate based Drain to Waste applications.

    Recommendations and Notes for Cultured Solutions Nutrients:

  • Cultured Solutions is formulated so that when used with tap water (100-150 ppm) it does not necessitate the use of additives such as CalMag. When tap water is in excess of 250 ppm we recommend the use of a reverse osmosis filter.

  • When using reverse osmosis water add CalMag @ 1-3 ml/gal to ensure an appropriate ratio of Ca to Mg is achieved before adding in Cultured Solutions.

  • For applications where all parameters such as lighting, CO2, RH and temps are dialed in, increase recommended dosage of all nutrients by 15-25% and monitor plants to optimize proper dosages.

  • For Greenhouse applications it may be necessary to increase dosages by 15-25% to maximize plant production given the increase in lighting concentrations. Conversely, in lower light applications it may be necessary to decrease concentration slightly so as not to push plants beyond the given parameters at hand.

  • For soil or soilless applications it is recommended to leach with UC Roots periodically to aid in the avoidance of toxic mineral salt build ups. If pushing the plants with higher ppm regimes be sure to leach weekly.
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