Grasshopper Pollen Extractor - Dry Ice Updated 2016 Model

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    Shake things up with The Grasshopper Extractor. The ultimate pollen extraction system available. It is the commercial grower's solution to total performance focusing on sustainable reduction in waste and increase growth in profits. No more wasted plant material!

    2 week lead time.


    Developed with the environment in mind.

    The Grasshopper Extractor is an all natural, solvent less, chemical free, high yield machine that produces the finest sieved pollen and plant resins, saving you precious time while making you money.

    The GrassHopper design uses a 400 watt 1/3 horsepower motor. Go further and faster with your investment, The Grasshopper Extractor is designed to stand the test of time. There is no substitute in value with this clean green power machine.

    The Grasshopper Dry Ice Extraction System can fully process up to a pound of dry plant material in as little as 15 minutes with yields of up to 25%.

    1 lb of plant material + 3 lbs of dry ice = 1/4 pound of high grade valuable pollen/resing -which can be used in BHO or CO2 extractions for a superior plant product.

    Elegant, unique design.

    The Grasshopper's extraction chamber comes with 100, 74, and 50 micron screens with the unique option to customize by adding on extra sets of screens to keep the production moving smooth and quickly for finer graded particle size.

    Besides being easy to use with its rubber straps that make attaching screens easy and effortless, The Grasshopper is easy to clean. Simply blow out the screens with compressed air, there are no solvents, cleaners, or lubricants required.

    The Grasshopper Extractor is proudly made in Southern Oregon.


  • #4 Mesh Sifting Screen
  • 100, 74 and 50 Micron Classifiers Screens
  • Collection Plate

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    NameGrasshopper Pollen Extractor - Dry Ice Updated 2016 Model
    BrandGrasshopper Extractors
    Weight (lbs)60.00
    Warranty1 Year
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