Kessil S360 Spectral Spinner

Available For Purchase
1-2 Weeks

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Customize amount of light your plants receive with ability to cover up to a 4' x 4' area with both H150 and/or H350 Kessil LED lights. The S360 spins continuously to deliver all spectra evenly and eliminate hot spots.
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The Kessil S360 Spectral Spinner is the perfect solution for growers who want to customize the light their plants receive. Designed to be used over a 4' x 4' grow area, S360 spins continuously to allow light to be spread evenly. This setup eliminates hotspots and provides more uniform growth over the whole area. With space for up to six Kessil LED grow lights, growers can mix and match different spectrums or intensities for a completely customized light formula!

Note: Kessel LED Lights not included

You can use up to (Two) Kessil H380's either alone or inconjunction with 4 other H150 lights. Be sure to place the H380s on opposite arms and balance the spinner with weight distribution or one side will be heavier and affect performance. It is not recommended to be used with more than Two H380's. Using this item in an unrecommended can void the warranty.
More Information
Name Kessil S360 Spectral Spinner
Brand Kessil
Alternate SKU/MPN KSHP360
UPC 654367097731
MSRP $245.00
Warranty 1 Year
Voltage 120v