We are all made of stars and so are your plants. The lights that power your grow, just like the sun at the center of our solar system, create the very conditions for life. Build yours with our full spectrum of lighting products and complete kits. Learn More

You’ll find lights to suit your preference in the GrowersHouse inventory. We carry all the main categories:

  • LED grow lights, which are low-energy and adjustable, and last years longer than other lights.
  • CMH, or ceramic metal halide, which are long-life bulbs that save energy and maintain their full-color spectrum.
  • Double-ended, which provide fuller coverage and increased intensity while requiring less maintenance than single-ended lamps.
  • Fluorescents, including T5 High Output, which are ideal for propagation and vegetative growth, and compact fluorescents for small spaces.
  • Plasma, also known as light-emitting plasma (LEP), which are extremely low-energy and available weighted toward red or blue.

Also are available are reflectors, fixtures, adaptors, timers, controllers, repair parts, accessories and lighted grow tent kits.