General Hydroponics - Liquid KoolBloom - 0-10-10

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    Liquid KoolBloom initiates profuse flowering by increasing flowering sites, limiting bud aborting, & builds bigger blooms. Enriched with stress reducing vitamins & nutrient transporting acids, liquid KoolBloom provides the essential nutrients needed by plants to initiate explosive flowering & build bigger blooms. Start using Liquid KoolBloom during the transitional period between vegetative & flowering phases. The formula will promote heavy production of essential oils & increases fruit & flower development without damaging young & delicate root systems.
    Liquid KoolBloom™ is a bulking agent that performs exceptionally well. It promotes outstanding production of essential oils, fantastic flavors, and increases fruiting and flower development through the introduction of stress reducing vitamins and nutrient transporting acids. Liquid KoolBloom™ should be used at the start of the reproductive cycle initiating larger, heavier fruits and flowers. During the last two weeks, use Dry KoolBloom™ for an additional bloom boost and to facilitate ripening.
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    NameGeneral Hydroponics - Liquid KoolBloom - 0-10-10
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