Nutrient Starter Kits

Nutrient starter kits are great options when starting off your first few grow cycles, or if you simply want to try a new nutrient line. We carry nutrient packages from multiple companies including FoxFarm, Advanced Nutrients, Canna, Rock Nutrients, General Hydroponics, House and Garden, Heavy 16, Vegamatrix, Technaflora, Aptus, Botanicare, and more.

Hydroponic Nutrient Kits

Nutrient starter kits come with all the nutrients needed for a great grow. Whether you're starting off or changing brands, these starter nutrient packages come with various solutions usually depending on the medium. There are kits for soil, coco, and various forms of hydroponics systems and mediums as well. Numerous hydroponic nutrient kits come with a complete set of nutrients for those wanting complete control over what goes into the water they use.

Flower Boosters/Bloom Maximizers, Mycorrhizae/Bacteria, Enzymes & Vitamins, Root Stimulants, Sweeteners, and Flushing, there are nutrients for every stage of growth and various additives and enhancers. There are kits for every budget and many companies provide a solution for each medium from soil, to coco, and any form of hydroponics. Simply choose which form you want to use and start growing. Some kits come with as little as two bottles while others provide their complete line of nutrients resulting in many bottles. These hydroponic nutrient kits come in various sizes and quantities so whether you need it in quarts or pints, there is a nutrient kit for you.

Base nutrients, additives, Organic vs. Synthetic. feeling confused? Check out our Nutrient Buyers Guide to help you purchase the right nutrient for your growing needs.