New plants are your babies, your roots. To produce your clone army or to seed your victory garden, we have everything to propagate the next generation: cloning gels, solutions, machines, heat mats, media, cut trays, and protective humidity domes. Learn More

Plant propagation is the process of creating new plants from various means such as seeds and cuttings, or sexually and asexual respectively.

Propagation via striking or cuttings, considered vegetative propagation, is a popular method of reproducing traits of the parent plant, in essence, creating a clone or copy of the parent plant. Cloning gels and solutions are often used to promote root growth at such early stages.

Seedlings and cuttings need extra care and protection during the initial phase of growth as new roots and leaves begin to grow. GrowersHouse carries the supplies and equipment needed to protect these fragile plants from cloning machines and media to heat mats, cut trays and humidity domes.

Special lighting is also often used to provide lots of light while avoiding the intense heat and burning that stronger lights can cause. Fluorescent lights are a popular solution and GrowersHouse has a wide selection of T5s and compact fluorescents to help make your plant propagation techniques a success.