SunPulse 315W CMH Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp 3200K

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    Ceramic Metal Halide CMH 315W Lamp Designed by worlds leading light and application engineers. 3.15Amps, Universal Operating Position, 33,000 Lumens, 105 Lumens per Watt, 20,000 Rated Life, 3200K Color Temperature
    SunPulse 315 CMH 32K Lamp

    SunPulse Ceramic Metal Halide Grow lamps were created by the GAS Technologies group of photo-biologists, plant scientists, mechanical and electrical engineers, gas chemists, and HID lamp designers. They are designed with true solar symmetry for true photochemical reactions in living organisms, greater molecular efficiency in operations, and better color rendering. Sun Pulse lamps are made with the highest quality materials and quality control in mind.

    Performance Data

    • Light Output (Lumens @ 100 hours): 33000
    • Lamp Lumens Per Watt: 105
    • Rated Life (Hrs. @ 10 Hr. /Start): 20000
    • Correlated Colour Temperature (K): 3200K
    • Colour Rendering Index (CRI) or (Ra): ı80
    • Typical Hot Restart Time (Minutes): 6-8
    • Burning Position: Universal

    Physical Data / Requirements

    Base Designation PGZX18
    Bulb Designation T12
    Bulb Diameter (mm) 1.5"(38mm)
    Max. Overall Length (mm) 7.6"(193mm)
    Light Centre Length (mm) 3.5"(89mm)
    Max. Base Temperature (ºC) 250
    Max. Bulb Temperature (ºC) 350
    Luminaire Type Open /Enclosed

    Lamp Electrical Data / Requirements

    ANSI Standard C182/O
    Lamp Wattage (W) 315W
    Lamp Operating Voltage (V) 100V
    Lamp Operating Current (Amps) 3.15A
    Min. Open Circuit Voltage (RMS) 198V
    Min. - Max. Starting Pulse (Peak KV) 3-4.0

    More Information
    NameSunPulse 315W CMH Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp 3200K
    BrandSun Pulse
    Kelvin Rating3200K
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