Terpinator 0-0-4 Terpene Enhancer

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    Terpinator helps plants to utilize compounds to enhance their production of Terpinoids and plant oil producing glands. These glands are brought to their maximum potential and size using Terpinator along with any nutrient program.

    Terpinator 0-0-4 Terpene Enhancer

    Terpinator is the one and only product of its kind, formulated to increase the concentration of Terpenoids in aromatic plant oils and glands.

    Terpinator contains no PGR’s or heavy metals, and is completely water-soluble and can be used in both a soil and hydroponic-systems. Terpinator is also compatible with any pre-existing nutrient line, making it a fantastic addition to your fertilizer schedule.

    The unique composition of the Terpinator provides your plants with the basic building blocks that they require to produce terpenes and secondary metabolites without inducing additional stress on the plant. By using naturally occurring plant pathways for production of terpenes and secondary metabolites, Terpinator helps boost potency, flavors, and aromas. This allows for the unique terpene profile in your genetic cultivar to be expressed to its fullest extent rather than covering up or masking it with added terpenes.

    Terpinator Usage Instructions

    Terpinator shows best results at the recommended regiment of 15-30 ml's per gallon. It is recommended using this product during your entire flowering cycle throughout every feeding and during flush. 

    Terpinator may be used during the vegetative stages as well, suggested around 5-10 ml's per gallon for use. 

    The longer you use the Terpinator, the more pronounced your results will be. It has a neutral PH composition and will not raise or lower your nutrient balance more than 300 PPM at maximum strength.

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