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Automate nutrient delivery and eliminate variances that occur when using a reservoir system. It oxygenates when mixed with H2O and makes nutrients more available. Part B


VEG+BLOOM DOS B lets you automate nutrient delivery. Draw the concentrate into a nutrient irrigation system proportionately. It works based on percentage. It eliminates variances that occur when using a reservoir system.

VEG+BLOOM DOS oxygenates when mixed with H2O and becomes a fresh nutrient delivered to your plant site. It eliminates reservoir changing. Compared to other approaches, it represents easier pH management. It makes nutrients more available.

At a 1:100 ratio the 100lbs of DOS will treat 12000 gallons of water.

Agitate the concentrate at least 10 minutes before a feed. VEG+BLOOM advises to stir up the solution for 15 minutes every 45 minutes with a current pump or a simple recirculation pump that can handle particulates.

DOS Should be mixed in room temperature water 65-68.

For smaller grows use smaller stock tanks. It's advised to make a new concentrate tank each week so that the nutrients are delivered with optimum freshness.

If you want to adjust ratios, start by lowering your DOS A to reduce nitrogen and facilitate reproduction. Daily observations and adjustments will be required.

Stock Solution Dilution Rates:

  • Part A: 360g/gallon
  • Part B 240g/gallon


The mixed concentrate should be able to be used for a week and a half, depending on evaporation and heat. The pH of the end solution can be managed by adding pH solution to your additive stock (SHINE, STACKSWELL). E.g. you are using source water that is at .1EC or less, pH will be more acidic. Add pH up in small amounts until pH is in range. You can calculate from there the pH of the deliverable solution. Should be managed with every concentrate change.

Ph will be 5.6 pH to 5.8 pH with 0.0 ec water using A, B , and STACKSWELL at 1%

Add ph up or down a little at a time to your additive concentrate like SHINE or STACKSWELL to adjust final pH.

Ideal water hardness range 0 - 0.6EC for optimal nutrient availability using DOS.

For Coco recommended to use 0.2EC (add back tap water to RO water, or use pH up. You can use DOS in Peat Moss when water hardness is + .5 EC. The pH will be 5.2 with zero ppm water. The recommended pH for coco 5.9 - 6.0. The recommended pH for hydro 5.4- 5.8 (inert media).

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